Nashville, TN, February 5, 2012

I arrived at Bongo Java twenty minutes early and ordered a tea, which I sat and drank while I read. The barista recognized me from the day before, though I did not recognize him. When I asked for a small tea, he said, “are you sure you really want a small? I think what you really want is a medium.”

I got the job, though my manager is going to check my references. I’m afraid I may get caught in some of my lies. I filled out the online application weeks ago, and I can’t even remember what they were.

I was left with a whole day ahead of me. I considered exploring the city more, but I opted not to. I reasoned that I should use the time to read or write instead. All the same, even in view of all the projects I supposedly wanted to tackle, I felt a looming sense of aimlessness. Boredom works in strange ways, apparently. What do people do with themselves that is meaningful, as opposed to merely passing the time? I wondered. There’s a question that never goes away.

These were my thoughts, pondering over how I should spend my free day, made even more free by the fact that I could stop worrying about finding a job. Free time, it seems, is never as good as it would seem.